Slappy Ninjas is a mobile game of concentration and reaction from Devix Technologies for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Start by picking your Slappy Ninja! There are several available when you first start playing. Of course, half the point is to collect more ninjas! Each Ninja is either awesome or funny in his or her own way. A few of the Slappers are:


So now you’ve picked your ninja. Time to fight! The rules are simple. Fastest reflexes win. Tap the screen to make your ninja attack your opponent before he can attack you. Play against the computer or you can play against a buddy on the same device. That’s right, two players on one device. That’s part of our goal to create apps that bring people together in real life.

So, play through multiple arenas against a plethora (plethora!) of opponents. Win rubies. Get rubies as gifts from the Sensei. Improve on your personal best winning streak. If you’ve already fought a character, you can use your collected rubies to unlock that character as a new playable character. And (best of all!) beat your friends. Because nothing brings people closer than slapping!

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